The above pictures illustrate the first phase of construction: stake-out, excavation, and steel. As you can see, this is where your pool is outlined, dug, and formed. Weather-permitting, of course, this phase can be completed in as little as four days!

The next phase is gunite. Gunite is a concrete-like material that is blown onto the steel foundation of your pool. Gunite is much more dense than concrete and is reinforced by steel to insure the structural integrity of your pool. This process is messy, but we go to great lengths to protect your home and existing structures and keep the yard traffic to a minimum. We closely monitor each phase of construction to keep your project moving as efficiently and cleanly as possible for your protection and satisfaction.

After plumbing and electrical, we then continue with tile, coping, rock, deck, and plaster. Your pool starts to come alive during these phases. You may choose from an extensive array of plaster and tile types and colors, rock types and styles, and coping options. The last thing for you to do is learn to maintain your pool, landscape your oasis (as we always leave your yard sod-ready), and enjoy!