How to Choose the Right Pool Builder

What are some of your references?

References and the pool builders client portfolio are very important. You want to know up front, some of the similar projects that they have completed. Who they have worked with and what they did. You not only want to educate yourself on the pool builder themselves but get inspired and excited about the overall process. Its important to know. How do you build a custom swimming pool? How long does it take before we can swim in our pool? Those sorts of questions.

What questions should I ask?

Before asking your swimming pool contractor for their references? Its best just to ask some quick verbal questions first:

  • How many pools did you install last year?
  • Volume is not always important, but it does provide you some close fresh references to ask for. You will be able to reach out and see newly completed jobs and ask the client and pool builder a great deal of questions along the way. Most importantly you will be able to gauge the trustworthiness of your pool builder. There is no reason to lie about the amount of contracts just to impress someone.

    The hard part is determining how many clients to actually talk to. A good rule of thumb, is meet with clients that have very similar projects and then meet with clients that can provide you new ideas. First, you want to make sure they will complete your project flawlessly, but you also want to know what the capabilities of your swimming pool contractor really are.

  • How do you determine their satisfaction rate?
  • You need to do some simple math here. Take the number from question one: “How many pools did you install last year?” and minus it from the amount of client referrals they provide.
    Although this isn’t always accurate especially if they have dignitaries, celebrities or high profile clientele, but it does give you some guidelines. Especially if the number is way off. A professional pool builder will want you to see their work. They take a great deal of pride in it. Every project that they complete, they are very proud of.

Montgomery Custom Pools

We are service-oriented pool builders. We love our work and take a great deal of pride with it. If repairs are required, we will perform them. If you need service, we are always here to help. We are a phone call, email or contact us form away. We maintain an on-going relationship with all of our clients and look forward to showing off our work with you! Feel free to ask us for our referrals!