Choose Best Swimming Pool Contractor
What are some of your references? References and the pool builders client portfolio are very important. You want to know up front, some of the similar projects that they have completed. Who they have worked with and what they did. You not only want to educate yourself on the pool […]

How to Choose the Right Pool Builder

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Financing Swimming pools can be expensive, but luckily there are financial plans available. As of today, you might be eligible for up to $100,000.00 just for living in the state of Texas. By partnering with Lyon Financial, we have access to financing plans that offer extended terms and new lower […]

Swimming Pool Financing

Swimming Pool Contractors Montgomery Texas
How long have you been a pool builder? The most important and first question that needs to be asked is about the pool builders personal experience. You want to see their portfolio, past clients as well as sit down and talk with them. Not only to see what they have […]

How to Choose The Right Pool Builder (Part 1)